Saturday, November 16, 2013

Can I Please Slow Down Time for a Month?

I'm beginning to feel like I'm spreading myself a little too thin... 

In September, Eric and I decided that I was going to work toward getting an MBA. So, I signed up for a GMAT prep class (since I haven't touched a math book since 2003) and it has been going great. I've even found a study buddy in the class and she and I get together 1-2 times a week now.

Classes in Provo are Wednesday from 6-9pm and Saturday from 9-12am. But then I got an offer to be part of a bell choir - which I love, and hadn't been a part of since 2004 - but they rehearse on Wednesday from 7-9pm. So, now I go to the Tuesday GMAT class in SLC, and bell choir on Wednesday night...also in SLC. I typically study with my friend on Thursday evenings, leaving only Mondays and Fridays available (Eric works Tues/Thurs/Sat evenings anyway), and something somehow manages to come up every week to fill those nights. 

This week I worked a full regular week and then spent 12 hours on a set today for a commercial... and while I was there, an opportunity opened up for me to work another Saturday day-gig... So I thought, "Well, if I work next Saturday, I can just go to the SLC Thursday version of Saturday's class," but then I realized "wait a minute..." I'll still be in San Francisco. Oh yeah, I leave tomorrow morning at 5am for a business trip in San Francisco and won't be back until Thursday night...already missing one GMAT class, one bell choir rehearsal, and a pre-screening of Hunger Games that my company is hosting. Even though I have a friend who'd gladly share her notes, should I really miss another Saturday class? But, broken down into hourly, that Saturday gig is almost 3 times what I make at my regular day job, so it's very, very, tempting. But now that I think about it, I don't think I'd have enough time once I got back from SF to go prep the equipment (I'd have to borrow some from a friend) and be ready by the morning. 

This past week, Eric and I also found out when our company parties are and they are both on days that I have bell choir performances, so I'm going to have to miss both of the work parties. I take the GMAT on December 14th, and I have bell choir performances the 10th, 13th, and 15th. But even if I didn't have those, my company part is on the 13th, so either way, I'd have something the day before I took the test. Also, the last day of the GMAT prep class is the morning of the 14th... or I could go to the Thursday night SLC one again that week... but I have to take it on the 14th because I leave for D.C. on the 16th!

Ugh!! Are you feeling stressed yet? Because I sure am!


Karianne Salisbury said...

Marisa! Your schedule sounds so crazy. I saw your facebook post and wondered what was going on, so I'm glad you posted. But thats is very exciting about your MBA. I still want to do it too and will probably take the GMAT again too. Where are you wanting to go?

Mary said...

Sounds to me like you're just as busy as you always are ;). I like to think of it as you are quite an accomplished lady. That being said, yes, it does stress me out to read your schedule!

Marisa said...

@Karie: I want to go to BYU. They have some awesome networking there, and they've got a really awesome program in general.
@Mary: you're so sweet. Thanks!! :)

Karianne Salisbury said...

Cool beans! I'm still thinking about BYU's program. I got accepted into that MBA program once before, so I should be able to again right?...right? Hmm I'm just not sure if my emphasis is well represented there. What track are you planning to do?